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In the Donduseni town, at the moment, are about 243 commercial organizations.

The role of small and medium enterprises in Donduseni economy

Small businesses, in fact, are an effective way to saturate the market with different products, to create new jobs and reduce unemployment, to develop innovation and competition. Local authorities favor the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Donduseni town by positive approach and different incentives.

Labor market

The number of employees is 2855 people. Persons involved with higher education make 38.9% of the workforce.

According to the Territorial Employment Agency on January 1st, 2008 in Donduseni were 104 registered unemployed persons and on July 1st, 2009 the number risen to 455 people. If we take into account the available resources of qualified persons in the territory, we can conclude the existence of the prerequisites for the revitalization of existing businesses, creation of new businesses and diversify the existing business.

There is an opportunity to repair firs unit of sugar factory, and to run a section for fruits and vegetables processing. For producers it has several strengths: will reduce production costs by reducing the number of intermediaries, will stimulate and support regional producers (the nearest factory is located at a distance of 40 km in Cupcini).

It is also important to open milk factory in Donduseni. Pet owners are forced to sell their products to intermediaries who resell milk to customers from other rayons as Edinet, Riscani, Orhei.

Business opportunities support

To achieve the main objectives and tasks of social and economic policy requires:

- Promote entrepreneurship and small business, working in priority areas;

- Establishment of infrastructure to support entrepreneurship and small business by providing consultancy, the creation of business incubators, industrial parks;

- Involvement of small business to perform work, production and delivery of its services for public institutions and local governments;

- Creating conditions for the credit companies and loan associations to support the business;

The important role local government is playing, that can create optimal conditions for entrepreneurial activity, including tax exempt or reduce the number of permits, the provision of land under a symbolic rent or grant assistance within its jurisdiction.

The main objectives of the local government are:

- Growth of the town attractiveness to attract investments;

- Promotion of cooperation with other localities internationally, through the implementation of projects of common interest;

- Promotion of innovation and technology transfer by strengthening links between business and science, technology, research;

- Reduce regional disparities by stimulating economic development, social and cultural development, to improve the quality of urban life;

- Develop plans, regional and international cooperation in the context of sustainable human settlements, taking into account environmental protection, rational use of land, the preservation and creation of green spaces, ensuring efficient transport, the use of international experience;

- Restoration and preservation of natural, historic, cultural assets to enhance the attractiveness of the town, including tourist area as well;

- Support, coordination and development of training programs, creating opportunities for professional development in the region.

The total length of urban streets is 77 km, the condition is unsatisfactory.

Distribution network of drinking water - 40.5 km.

The length of treatment facilities is 15.5 km.

Gas distribution network - 14.5 km.

All enterprises and institutions use autonomous heating systems.

Some companies operating in the town and district Donduseni:

- Municipal «Apa-Canal", Association of gas "Edinet-Gas", "Moldtelecom" SA,

SA "Drumuri", "Red Nord-Vest". Currently, the two companies are working in the field of fixed telephony services - SA "Moldtelecom" and "Unite" (CDMA). There are also active mobile operators (Orange, Moldcell), which offer people a wide range of mobile services.

Some investment opportunities please find here