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In Donduseni town are 5 schools:

- Two pre-high school educational institutions, number of children is 341.

- Three high schools, the number of students is 940.

At this point in the educational institutions of the Donduseni town are employed 107 teachers and 70 staff. In the academic year 2011 - 2012 in the town were registered 940 students. The overall potential for schools in the Donduseni town is 1850 seats against the 940 seats in use today.

Insufficient number of students, when the potential is much higher is leading to inefficient spending. In this regard, the need to optimize the school network is obvious. As a solution to improve the efficiency of resource use, can be made by reducing the share of non-professional employees, or the merger of two schools, where instruction is held in Russian language.

All educational institutions are maintained in a satisfactory condition, four of them are connected to natural gas.